Korean Trails Association

Travel the Country on Foot

Did you know there are many good trails in Korea besides Jeju Olle Trail? Jirisan Trail, Gangneung Bow-gil, Yeoju Yeogang River Trail, Haeparang Trail, Gunsan Gubulgil, Naepo Trail, Namhae Barey-gil, Busan Galmaetgil and the list goes on.We strongly recommend you to pay a visit to each.
20 trails of the Korean Trails Association discuss the criteria for a good trail and exchange information on how to find and build a good trail. They constantly examine local exploration routes and work hard to set a great ‘walking’ culture.

Asia Trails Network

Guardians of Asian Trails

The trail continues on only with bright minds. Asia Trails Network shares trail issues and common value and takes the initiative in building a sustainable development. It protects natural resources, studies trails, shares knowledge, improves the quality of life and welfare through trails, establishes a healthy trail culture and runs a variety of marketing campaigns. Officially established in January 2014 in Jeju, it currently has 20 members from 5 countries (as of 2020). The Jeju Olle Foundation is the Founding and current Chair and plays role as a secretariat of the Asia Trails Network.

World Trails Network

To go far, we go together

Let us tip you a way of traveling across the earth. Get out and walk on trails in different countries. 50 trail organizations, institutions and stakeholders from 19 countries formed a global collaboration, the World Trails Network,to findthe best way for people to co-exist with the nature. WTN hosts a regular meeting once a month and host the World Trails Conference every other year. The Jeju Olle Foundation founded the World Trails Conference in 2010 and since held 5 consecutive conferences, leading the movement to bring the trails worldwide together. The Jeju Olle Foundation today serves as a member of the International Board, Advisory Committee at the World Trails Network. President Suh Myung Sook of Jeju Olle Foundation was appointed as the first international Hononary Patron of WTN.