Jeju Olle Foundation Organogram

    Partner Corporations

  • Pongnang Ltd.
  • Carrot 202 Ltd.


  • Olle Trail Ranger
  • Jeju Olle Academy Alumni Association
  • Jeju Olle Trail Finisher’s Club
  • Bellegi Ganse

Board of Directors

We are the Rudder and Anchor of the ‘Jeju Olle’ Ship

The Board evaluates and authorizes all action items relevant to the operation and management of the Jeju Olle Foundation’s business areas and the Jeju Olle Trail. Our mission is to consistently and constantly make improvements to the trail that is open for everyone.
Founding CEO & Chairperson Suh, Myung Sook
Audit Moon, Seong-yun


Standing Advisor Hong, Myung-pyo

Former Chairman of Jeju Tourism Association

Kim, Dae-hwan

Chairman of Corp. Dae Kyung Engineering

Kim, Jong-hyun

President of Deo Keun Nae-il Center

Kim, Chang-hong

President of Seogwipo Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Sohn, Suk-hee

President of JTBC’s News Reporting Division

Lee, Byung-nam

Formal LG Academy President

Lee, Yu-jin


Lee, Chang-ik

Professor of Jeju National University

Jeong, Hye-sin

Medical Specialist

Jo, Yong-hwan

Lawyer of Jipyong & Jisung Law Firm

Huh, Young-seon


Ahn, Eun-joo

President & COO

Jeju Olle Headquarters

Question, Think and Act – People on the Trail

Lights don’t go out until late and it gets much busier on weekends. Nevertheless, the Jeju Olle Foundation is always excited about serving Olle hikers. We want to deliver happiness to everyone on the trail and we are committed to building a trail that gives comfort and reassurance.

Management and Maintaining the Jeju Olle Trail, TRAIL Division

We develop Jeju Olle Trail and manage them. We collaborate with both domestics and overseas trails and endeavor to promote Jeju Olle to the world.
  • Jeju Olle Trail Development and Maintenance

    : Route development, operations, maintenance and route data management
  • Networking

    : Korean Trails Association, Friendship Trail, Sister Trail, Asia Trails Network(ATN), World Trails Network

Promoting Jeju Olle's values and beliefs, Marketing & PR Division

We show Jeju Olle as it is, and we turn Jeju Olle into the content.
  • 'Jeju Olle' brand management, content development, PR, publication

Connecting the people on the trail, villages, corporations committed to and local communities and the beautiful nature, Fundraising & Education & Environment Department

Jeju Olle's most trusted supporters! We recruit donors and volunteers and listen to them.
  • Fundraising

    : Individual Donation, Corporate Partnership, Damdol Ganse, Stamp Ganse, Donations for Mongol Olle
  • Education

    :Jeju Olle Academy, Trail guide program, Trail survey program (trail maintenance and repair)
  • Environment

    : Jeju Olle Trail ecology restoration, Clean Olle, ECO&LIFE, 'We Change the World', recycling & reward machine

Keeping Jeju Olle up and running, Finance & Administration Division

We are responsible for HR, labor, general affairs, accounting at Jeju Olle.

Partner Corporations

Social Enterprise, Pongnang Ltd.

A social enterprise based on Jeju Olle contents

'Pongnang' is a nettle tree at the gate of a village, listening carefully to villagers and sharing its shade with them. 'Pongnang' creates travel itineraries around Jeju's culture and history, and training programs using such contents on Jeju Olle Trail. Pongnang creates and distribute products with unique designs, inspired by specialties of Jeju, and operate Olle Stay, which is accommodation for travelers. Pongnang accompanies every step of on-foot travelers.

Women's Enterprise Carrot202 Ltd.

Design Lab

Carrot202 design trail signs on the Olle Trail, Jeju Olle's publications, and Jeju Olle souvenirs that are very useful to on-foot travelers. With proven design capabilities, Carrot202 takes brand development requests from corporations and public agencies (brand identity (BI), packaging, product, advertisement, space, exhibitions, etc.)


Jeju Olle started out as a personal project, but it today is led by thousands of volunteers. They guard the 425km long trail and listen to the stories told by those who walk. Volunteers also help running programs on the trail. They are the ones creating the tomorrow of Jeju Olle.

Olle Trail Ranger

Maintenance of the 425km long trail is not an easy job, even for Jeju Olle’s professional explorers. They mow the grass every day, but there still is grass everywhere. Trail signs break by the wind and people. Olle Trail Rangers walk with the explorers two to three times a month to look after the trail and visitors.

Jeju Olle Academy Alumni Association

Jeju Olle Academy offers educational programs that explain every bit of Jeju’s cultures to draw better understanding. More than 2,000 alumni take part in the Jeju Olle Trail maintenance. They’re also running the daily ‘Guided Walk’ project, which involves walking the trail with Olle hikers non-stop for 365 days.

Jeju Olle Trail Finisher’s Club

As the name suggests, Finisher’s Club is a group of people who have put every step forward to finish Jeju Olle Trail. Those who finished earlier help newbies by sharing travel information. They also support smooth operation of all events on the trail.

Bellegi Ganse

‘Bellegi tong’ in Jeju dialect means a unique child and ‘Bellegi Ganse’ is the name for volunteers in their 20s and 30s. They host the ‘Jeju Olle, Walking Together’ event on the fourth week of every month and communicate with Olle hikers at major events. Bellegi Ganse’s activities are sponsored by NXC.


Jeju Olle Trail is operated and managed independently by the non-profit, private Jeju Olle Foundation. We do not take entrance fees nor get support or sponsorship from the government. Our biggest supporters are the donors who make a one-time or monthly contribution.

Ganse with Wings

Give wings to Jeju’s pony, Ganse. Ganse with wings refers to an individual donor. If you have found happiness on the trail, why not share with others? Become a Ganse with Wngs and support Jeju Olle by making a donation – whether it be a one-off or recurring(20,000KRW monthly). You will receive a Ganse with Wings scarf and pin button.

Partner Companies

Jeju Olle builds a peaceful, beautiful trail and there are truly reliable and compassionate organizations and companies that provide endless support. Jeju Olle’s Partner Companies support Jeju Olle Foundation through monthly donations and participates in local campaigns for better Jeju. If you are ready to help the trail grow, become Jeju Olle’s Partner Company today.

  • 서린상사
  • 섬이다
  • 보네이도코리아
  • 네오플
  • 제주렌트카
  • 산돌커뮤니케이션
  • 카카오
  • 해올렛
  • NXC
  • 무릉외갓집
  • 이니스프리
  • 벤타코리아
  • 이스타항공
  • JMC
  • 한국공항공사 제주지역본부
  • 세비앙