Jeju Olle Trail Named in Top 10 Best Coastal Walks in the World
  • Jeju Olle|2021-04-13

Jeju Olle Trail Named in Top 10 Best Coastal Walks in the World

Applauded as Jewel in the Crown


- Jeju Olle Trail is listed in Top 10 Best Coastal Walks in UK specialized magazine featuring out-door activities and travel. 

- It is co-listed with Milford Track of New Zealand, the filming site of ‘The Lord of the Rings’

- According to study by World Trails Network, there is increase in trail users worldwide with influence of COVID-19.


Jeju Olle Trail is listed in Top 10 Best Coastal Walks in UK specialized magazine featuring outdoor activities and travel.
 Source=Active Traveller Magazine

Jeju Olle Trail has been listed in ‘Top 10 Best Coastal Walks’ in Active Traveller, a UK magazine specializing in outdoor activities and travel featuring destinations with activities such as walking tours, hiking, kayaking and sailing. It publishes articles featuring ranks in various topics including top ten best walking holidays in Europe, top ten long distance cycle routes, and ten of the most spectacular hiking landscapes in the world. 

Jeju Olle Trail, the only Asian Trail among the top 10 costal trails, is co-listed with world renowned trails such as ‘GR34 in France’, a 1700km long trail also known as the Customs Trail, ‘Milford Track in New Zealand’, a famous filming site of the movie ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Kalalau Trail in Hawaii’. Jeju Olle Trail is applauded as ‘the jewel in the crown of Jeju, the island known as treasure island’ and proved its value and beauty standing comparison with world renowned trails. 

“Think ‘hiking’, and South Korea may not be the first destination to spring to mind. But things are changing fast for the burgeoning country as walkers flock to take on the new Jeju Olle Trail (the name loosely translates to The Pathway), which opened in 2007 and encircles the volcanic Korean island of Jeju.”, said Active Traveller. 

The trail earned great compliments the magazine as “the route follows the coastline and opens up endless views of deep blue Ocean and the green Hallasan mountains rising in the interior. You can even break up the miles by counting off the 368 ‘Oreums’, or mini volcanoes, that you pass. Jeju is known locally as ‘treasure island’ ? this hike is the jewel in its crown”. 

Meanwhile, outdoor activities including on-foot tourism is one of the trending activities in the continued COVID-19 era globally. According to the survey results conducted by World Trail Network (WTN) with respondents (trail representatives) 10 different countries, 75% of trails that responded to the survey observed an increase in new trail users such as families and young generation during the various stages of lockdowns and 200~500% increase in users in some trails in North America. 

According to WTN, trails around the world put effort into education about trail etiquette for sustainability with the rapid increase in visitors. Unlike experienced users, the newcomers who are not familiar with the ‘Leave No Trace’ principles may cause damage including litter and it may lead to management issues.

Jeju Olle Foundation managing Jeju Olle Trail unfolds various environmental campaigns that can be routinely practiced on the trail such as ‘Clean Olle’, a clean-up during the walk, ‘Cigarette Cleanup Campaign’ picking up cigarette butts, and the installment of upcycled benches made with plastic wastes. 


WTN (World Trails Network)

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