Frequenty Asked Questions

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  • How long does it take to finish the Jeju Olle Trail? How should I plan my trip?
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    The Jeju Olle Trail endorses self-guided traveling, experiencing nature and culture as you hike. All travelers should pace themselves based on their daily conditions and physical levels. You are always welcome to hike or stop at your discretion.

    An average adult can hike about 3km in one hour at an average walking speed. The average speed may increase or decrease depending on personal physical levels. There are 26 routes to the Jeju Olle Trail, the length varies by each route, and the total length is 425km.

    Jeju Olle Foundation recommends hiking one route per day. If the traveler is not used to hiking at all, then he or she may experience some physical problems after hiking more than one route. It takes about a month to finish the trail assuming when you hike one route per day. Don't push yourself to complete the trail, rather play, rest, hike, and enjoy Jeju's nature to the fullest.
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  • How do I get to the starting points and finishing points?
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    You may check the information on public transportation to the starting points and finishing points of each route at the bottom of the route introduction section on the Jeju Olle website. The information is based on the most common departure and arrival locations, Jeju Bus Terminal and Seogwipo Bus Terminal. For other locations, enter your destination in a mobile navigation app, such as Kakao Map or Naver Map, to check real-time updates on public transportation.

    If you do not know the exact name or spelling of the starting or finishing point, please refer to the Jeju Olle guidebook or website.

    You may rent a car to get to the starting and finishing points, but please note there may not be proper parking space. Out of genuine love for nature, we hope you would choose to travel by public transportation when hiking the Jeju Olle Trail.
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  • Where can I get the map of the Jeju Olle Trail?
  • A
    The map of the Jeju Olle Trail and each route is available for download and print, free of charge, on the Jeju Olle website.
    If you need more details than the map, please visit the nearest Jeju Olle Information Center to pick up Jeju Olle guidebook(available in English, Chinese, and Japanese) and leaflet. (free of charge)

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  • What should I prepare before hiking Jeju Olle Trail?
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    There are 26 routes to the Jeju Olle Trail, and it is fun to travel any route as each has its distinct traits.
    Read carefully through the route introduction section on the Jeju Olle website and choose a route that best fits your physical level and preferences. Because Jeju Island is not too small and has some distance to travel, it is essential to check how far the route of your choice is from your accommodation. We recommend that you choose a route and make bookings for accommodation in advance.
    For more details on planning a trip and packing, please refer to the page below.

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  • It is my first time traveling on foot. Is there a guide who can accompany me?
  • A
    If it is your first time traveling on foot, we recommend you to take part in our ‘Daily Guided Walk’ program. In this program, a Jeju Olle volunteer accompanies you through one route one day. Check the ‘Daily Guided Walk’ schedule in the notification on the Jeju Olle website, sign up with your choice of date and route at jejuolle@jejuolle.org, and arrive on time to get started.

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  • What if I am afraid to hike alone?
  • A
    For the safety of solo travelers, Jeju Special Governing Province is running Jeju Safety Tracking Device rental service. You may rent the device at the tourist information center at the Jeju International Airport, Jeju Ferry Passenger Terminal, and International Passenger Terminal.

    We recommend joining Daily Guided Walk program.
    Those who completed the Jeju Olle Academy program accompany travelers and hike a route per day. Strongly recommended, if you are afraid to hike alone or it is your first time hiking. Please check the monthly schedules on the Jeju Olle website.

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  • How can I receive a Jeju Olle Trail Certificate of Completion?
  • A
    A Jeju Olle Trail Certificate of Completion is issued to those who finish all 26 courses of the 425km-long Jeju Olle Trail. Purchase a Jeju Olle Passport, get stamps at the starting point, mid-point, and finishing point stamp stations on each route, and return to the Jeju Olle Tourist Center(22 Jungjeong-ro, Seogwipo-si) to claim your certificate. How long it takes does not matter. Just be a Gansedari yourself and play, rest, and stroll to travel Jeju.

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  • What are some safety rules on the Jeju Olle Trail?
  • A
    Here are some rules to keep, if it is your first time hiking the Olle Trail.

    - The hiking hours are until 6pm. in summer and 5pm in winter. Please refrain from hikking after these hours.
    - Please refrain from hiking in a typhoon, heavy rain, and heavy snow.
    - If you are hiking alone, make sure to update your whereabouts to your family or friends regularly.
    - Keep emergency contacts (police: 112) with you at all times.
    - Never venture into steep valleys or cliffs outside the route.
    - Make sure to remember the nearest landmarks, signboards and surroundings you have passed.
    - If you miss a Jeju Olle Trail signposts, go back to where you last saw the last one and find the next one from there.
    - Please refrain from going near a cow, horse, dog, or beehive on the trail.
    - Make sure you are well-informed about the routes of the Jeju Olle Trail before setting out.
    - Always check the announcement on the Jeju Olle website.

    Mite prevention tips in summer

    - Make sure to wear a long-sleeved shirt(arm warmers), long pants, and a hat with a wide brim.
    - Do not sit on the ground in grassy areas or near a ranch.
    - Take a shower right after you return to accommodation.
    - Wash and cleanse the mat you used on the ground or clothes worn.
    - If you have a fever like cold after the mite bite, visit a medical institution for proper treatment.
    - Wear mite repellent in advance to prevent any health issues.

    The best way to enjoy Jeu Olle is to prepare thoroughly for the travel.
    Inquiries: Jeju Olle Foundation (jejuolle@jejuolle.org)