Route 03 B : Onpyeong - Pyoseon Olle



Total Distance : 14.6Km  Total Time : 4-5hour   Difficulty :

It is a Badang Olle that follows the coast and continues through *Hwanhae Jangseong(long fortress) and **Nong-gae. Starting at Onpyeong-pogu(port), the route continues to the Onpyeong Forest. Past Hwanhae Jangseong and Sinsan-ri village Cafe, Route A and B meet at Sinpung Sincheon Bada Mokjang(livestock farm). The path through the farm shows a magical harmony with the colors of the boundless ocean and the open grass. In addition to the magnificent view of the coast, there are wildflowers and herbs. *Hwanhae Jangseong : Fortress preventing the invaders from ocean **Nong-gae : Place to cast nets for fishing

No wheelchair accessible area on this route.

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Route Tip

There are restaurants and cafes in Sinsan-ri where mid-point stamp station is located.

Olle Trail Ranger

It is not a problem even if it is your first time to the Jeju Olle Trail.
Let go of the fear of an unfamiliarity and bring excitement for new encounters.
  • Kim, Mi Sook

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The Jeju Olle Foundation launched a global marketing project to promote the Jeju Olle Trail, twinning a course to a trail abroad. You can find Jeju Olle outside Korea at 11 different Friendship Trails in Greece, Italy, Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Japan, Turkey, Taiwan(province of China), Australia, and Lebanon.

03 B Jeju Olle Friendship Trail

England Cotswold Way

  • Location : Dursley villages ~ Stinchcombe Hill
  • Difficulty : Low
  • Distance : 5.5km, 1 h 30 mins

The Cotswold Way is a 102 mile long walking route winding its way through some of the most beautiful countryside in England. The Cotswold Way is a 102 mile long walking route winding its way through some of the most beautiful countryside in England. rich wildflower meadows to shaded woodlands, sleepy villages to fascinating ancient history, each mile is a new journey and each turn reveals a new wonder… A walk along the Cotswold Way at any time of the year will immerse you in quintessentially English countryside and will leave you wanting to return. The circular walk on Stinchcombe Hill is twinned with Jeju Olle Trail Route 3.

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How to find the Starting Point
How to find the way back from the Finishing Point
Sinpung Sincheon Bada Mokjang(livestock farm)

81 acres of grassland on the coast of Shinpoong-ri and Shincheon-ri. It used to be a communal horse ranch, called 'Shincheon Majang,' but it is now a private property grazing cows. The farm boasts both the aqua blue ocean and green land, definitely a scenery original to Jeju. In Shinpoong-ri, 'Umung Abang Festival' which is traditional festival opens every year.

Pyoseon Beach

The sandy beach is 0.8km in length and is 65 acres wide. It is a circular beach at the low tide and looks somewhat like a lake at the high tide. A myth goes: this beach used to be a deep-sea and the Namcho-got on the east used to be a big forest, but the Great Seolmundae Halmang cut off all the trees of the forest and filled the ocean to make this beach.