Route 09 : Daepyeong - Hwasun Olle



Total Distance : 11.8Km  Total Time : 3-4hour   Difficulty :

The route starts at the small yet friendly Daepyeong-pogu (port), passes by Moljil, and continues to Gunsan Oreum, where a beautiful scenery unfolds at a high point. The route continues to a natural monument of the magical Andeok Valley, with evergreen forest, clear stream, and caves.

No wheelchair accessible area on this route.

Wheelchair Accessible Area

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Route Tip

Pack something to eat because there is no store or restaurant until the finishing point. The route isn’t too long, so you could go for a late lunch at Hwasun Village where the finishing point is.

Olle Trail Ranger

It is not a problem even if it is your first time to the Jeju Olle Trail.
Let go of the fear of an unfamiliarity and bring excitement for new encounters.
  • Lee Ja Sub

We connect with trails around the world

The Jeju Olle Foundation launched a global marketing project to promote the Jeju Olle Trail, twinning a course to a trail abroad. You can find Jeju Olle outside Korea at 11 different Friendship Trails in Greece, Italy, Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Japan, Turkey, Taiwan(province of China), Australia, and Lebanon.

09 Jeju Olle Friendship Trail

Lebanon Mountain Trail

  • Location : Niha ~ Jezzin
  • Difficulty : Medium
  • Distance : 11.8km, 3 hours

The Lebanon Mountain Trail is the first long-distance hiking trail in Lebanon. It extends 450km the village of Andqet in the north of Lebanon to Marjaayoun in the south, meandering through or near 75 towns and villages at altitude ranging 600 meters to 2,000 meters above sea level. The LMT showcases the natural beauty and cultural wealth of Lebanon's mountains and brings Lebanese communities closer together through environmentally and socially-responsible tourism. The LMT logo embodies Lebanon’s snow-covered mountains (white) and the Tyrian purple evokes the dye extracted the murex shell. Lebanon Mountain Trail Route 21 is twinned with Jeju Olle Trail Route 9.

Public Transportation Information

The public transportation system of Jeju Island has been entirely changed recently and still it's changing. Please double check the up-to-date information of the bus number and route before you take it.

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How to find the Starting Point
How to find the way back from the Finishing Point

Daepyeong-ri is a small village with one more name, 'Nanduru', for its open field stretching afar the ocean. Haenyeos perform at Daepyeong-pogu(port) surrounded by Baksugijeong(pathway on the cliffs)

Moljil(horse path)

It is the path where horses traveled. It was built back in the Koryo Dynasty to move the horses grazed in the mid-mountainous areas of the west Jeju Daepyeong-pogu(port) to the Won Dynasty.

Baksugijeong(pathway on the cliffs)

It is cliff standing next to Daepyeong-pogu(port). ‘Gijeong’ means cliff in Jeju dialect. The word 'Baksu' means to drink the spring water coming out of the bedrock 1 meter above ground with a gourd bowl. Because the spring water is known to be good for skin, people used to have celebration of bathing with this water in mid-July(by the lunar calendar).

Ollangiso(Andeok Valley)

Ducks visits the place in winter and spring and it is named after ‘duck’s place’. Its surroundings are beautiful and calm, attracting villagers to come for a bath until the early 1980s.