Route 12 : Mureung - Yongsu Olle



Total Distance : 17.5Km  Total Time : 5-6hour   Difficulty :

It is the first route to enter Jeju City, after connecting the entire Seogwipo City along the coast. From Mureung-2ri to Jeolbuam at Yonsu-pogu(port), the route continues through field, ocean, and an oreum. The horizon from the open field area is hazy, and the deep sea shines in the emerald color. The mysterious Dowon Pond and Noknam-bong(peak) enrich the experience on Route 12. Hike past Suweol-bong(peak) and Ungal-gil(pathway), while facing Chagwi-do(island), and through Dangsan-bong(peak) to enter the Sengyi Gijeong Badang-gil(pathway). *Sengyi Gijeong: Jeju Olle named it with Jeju dialect meaning ‘cliff with lots of birds’

Wheelchair Accessible Area

Difficulty :

Distance : 1.1km / The entrance to the Ungal-gil(pathway) ~ The entrance to the Jagunae-pogu(port)
Starting Point : 3674-2 Gosan-ri, Hangyeong-myeon, Jeju-si

This Badang Olle(seaside walk) is located in the southwest of Jeju where you can enjoy the amazing shore cliffs and startlingly unique rocks of Chagwi-do(island). The coastal roads require extra caution. The restroom at the Gosan office of Jeju Maritime Police Station is available.

Route Tip

There are seafood restaurants near Sindo-pogu(port) and Jagunae-pogu(port).

Olle Trail Ranger

It is not a problem even if it is your first time to the Jeju Olle Trail.
Let go of the fear of an unfamiliarity and bring excitement for new encounters.
  • Kang Myung Nam

Public Transportation Information

The public transportation system of Jeju Island has been entirely changed recently and still it's changing. Please double check the up-to-date information of the bus number and route before you take it.

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How to find the Starting Point
How to find the way back from the Finishing Point

The original name is Dang Oreum(small extinct volcano). At the foot of the Oreum, there used to be a shrine dedicated to the snake god. It is said that the name of the god was Sagwi. The name Sagwi somehow became Chagwi later on, and the Oreum got the new name 'Chagwi Oreum.'

Sengyi Gijeong-gil(pathway on the cliff)

In Jeju dialect, 'Sengyi' means bird, 'Gijeong' means cliff, and 'Badang' means ocean. Therefore, the ‘Sengyi Gijeong Badang-gil(pathway)’ means a coastal pathway on a cliff where birds live. It is the paradise for winter birds such as the cormorant, herring gull, and seagull.


The west side of the mountain is flat littoral current and coastal erosion. The entire coast of west part of peak offers a great spectacle as if the 1.5km high cliff is wearing a cape. The top is a broad lava plain, and there stands a hexagonal pavillion called Suweol-jeong overlooking the surroundings

Sindo Badang Olle

In the coast of Sindo-ri, there are four big and small Doguris made with lava. Doguri is a feeding wooden or stone bowl carved out for pigs and cows. Inside the Doguri at the Sindo-ri coast, live fish and octopuses that came drifted with the waves.


Below Suweol-bong(peak), there is a sharp cliff that continues into the ocean. ‘Ungal’ means big rock below a cliff. The volcanic impression on Ungal is a tuff ring formed at volcanic eruption 18,000 years ago. Very high in geological values, the site is designated the Global Geopark. The Ungal-gil(pathway) cliff shows a unique pattern d with strata of volcanic ashes the Suweol-bong(peak) eruption.


The beautiful island, Chagwi-do, is just within an arm's reach, and Dangsan-bong(peak) stands on its right. In between the two are wind power generators, just like windmills, and all of them a picturesque scene. To the left of Chagwi-do is the sight of Suweol-bong(peak). On the streets of pogu(port), merchants sell dried calamari and Chinese herring. It is quite exotic to see dry calamari on a string tied to the streets.


It is the largest desert island near Jeju. It only takes 10-minute ferry ride Jagunae Village. The island has three more islets tagged along, Juk-do, Jisilyi-seom, and Wa-do, and there are many more islets under its jurisdiction. The sharp coastal cliffs and bizarre rocks a beautiful scene while the center of the island is a plateau. The surrounding ocean is deep and has a lot of fish such as red sea-bream, rock bream, bulgyhead wrasse, benjari, and kelp grouper. Very well-known for its sea-dried arrow squid.