Route 13 : Yongsu - Jeoji Olle



Total Distance : 15.9Km  Total Time : 4-5hour   Difficulty :

The Jeju Olle Trail that lines the coast finally makes a turn to inland. This lush woodland trail provides a very different view of Jeju. You will only see the sea at the starting point in Yongsu-pogu(port), and the path will continue through the forests of the mid mountain region. The path passes through Yongsu Reservoir before meeting a small village called Nakcheon-ri, then continues its journey through more forests and Oreums(small extinct volcanoes). 3km of the trail connecting forest, field, and Jeoji Oreum(small extinct volcano) restored with the help of the 13th Special Airforce Brigade boasts its beauty.

No wheelchair accessible area on this route.

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Route Tip

There is a small restaurant near the Nakcheon-ri Village and near the finishing point. Because there are no restaurants other than these, it is a good idea to pack something to eat and drink for lunch in advance.

Olle Trail Ranger

It is not a problem even if it is your first time to the Jeju Olle Trail.
Let go of the fear of an unfamiliarity and bring excitement for new encounters.
  • Kim Dae jung

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The Jeju Olle Foundation launched a global marketing project to promote the Jeju Olle Trail, twinning a course to a trail abroad. You can find Jeju Olle outside Korea at 11 different Friendship Trails in Greece, Italy, Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Japan, Turkey, Taiwan(province of China), Australia, and Lebanon.

13 Jeju Olle Friendship Trail

Japan Shikoku O-henro

  • Location : ~
  • Difficulty : Medium
  • Distance : km,

Henro trail which is pilgrimage to 88 temples in Shikoku is a representative heritage of Japan. Among them 4 courses having astonishing feature are concluded as a friendship trail. The total distance is about 1,400km. Henro trail is a historical journey to 88 temples associated with the Buddhist monk kukai in Shikoku since 8th century. And it encounters abundant nature, history and culture at the same time refocused as a healing trail to refresh people's body and mind. You will find not only distinct vegetation of every four seasons but also experience warm hearted people of Shikoku. There are 4 friendship trails in every province in Shikoku Island. -Tokushima province JR Bando station ~Jizoji(5th temple) -Kagawa province JR Kokubun station ~ Kozaiji(special status 19th temple) -Ehime province JR bus Misaka hill station ~Joruriji(46th temple) -Kochi province JR Tosakure station ~JR Kaggeno station

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The public transportation system of Jeju Island has been entirely changed recently and still it's changing. Please double check the up-to-date information of the bus number and route before you take it.

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How to find the Starting Point
How to find the way back from the Finishing Point

Yongsu-pogu(port) is where Korea's first Catholic Priest Kim Daegun arrived after returning home ordination in Shanghai, China. The exotic architecture of the memorial church sits on the top of a hill, facing the ocean.

Gomok(old tree) Forest Pathway

Aged trees in considerable sizes draw attention on this pathway. Jeju Olle has newly explored the path and gave it the name 'Gomok(old tree) Forest Pathway.'

Gosari(brakens) Forest Pathway

The forest is full of brackens. Because both sides of the pathway are full of bracken, Jeju Olle calls it the 'Gosari(bracken) Forest Pathway'

Nakcheon-ri Ahop-gut(nine stream) Maeul(village)

Nakcheon-ri, Hankyeong-myeon, Jeju City is where Jeju's first blacksmith started 350 years ago. The tale of the place goes the nine holes dug for clay, which is the main ingredient for smithing, were filled with water and became a spring. In the experience garden of Nakcheon-ri, there are farm produce experience center and concert hall called 'Rock Center.' Nevertheless, the highlight is the Ahop-Gut Village front yard with 1,000 chairs handcrafted by the villagers.

Yongsu Reservoir

The reservoir was d with levees put up in 1957. It is a valuable water supply for nearby ricefields. The pine tree forest and the reed and cattail habitat in the area are winter home to migratory birds.

Jeoji Oreum(small extinct volcano)

Jeoji Oreum(small extinct volcano) is beautiful the top, but the forest path up and down the Oreum is even more so. It starts with steep wooden stairs and continues to a Dulle-gil(byroad) in the middle. At the top is a forest path on a crater, and it is just mesmerizing to look at the dense forest inside the hollow crater.

Special Forces Forest Trail

Fifty special force rangers restored and organized the forest path that had vanished. 3km long trail connecting over seven sections were d and restored in just two days. There is a mysterious vibe with preserved plants and ecology while hiking the trail because no one used to hike this forest pathway until the restoration.