Route 15 B : Hallim - Gonae Olle



Total Distance : 13Km  Total Time : 4-5hour   Difficulty :

This route lets you take a closer view of the Gwakji-Aewol coast, including the Handam Seaside Walkway. With a remarkable scenery of the transparent aqua blue ocean and the soft sands of Gwakji Gwamul Beach, the Handam Seaside Walkway is beautiful. You cannot take your eyes off of its sunin the evening. You run into Aewol Hwanhae Jangseong(long fortress) on the walkway along the meandering coastline. The beauty of the old and new coexist, presenting a unique balance. The trail also carries the charms of each village, part of a living history.

No wheelchair accessible area on this route.

Wheelchair Accessible Area

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Route Tip

Near the beginning of the route at Gwideok-pogu(port), there are restaurants where you can grab an early meal. Also, there are good restaurants and cafes open for lunch near Gwakji Beach known for its beautiful watercolor

Olle Trail Ranger

It is not a problem even if it is your first time to the Jeju Olle Trail.
Let go of the fear of an unfamiliarity and bring excitement for new encounters.
  • Park Jung Sim

Official Information Center

You may receive leaflets, guidebooks, and purchase basic souvenirs such as Jeju Olle Passport at the Jeju Olle Information Centers. Do not foret to stop by and get information you needed.

Jeju Olle Information Center (Hallim Harbor)

Location : 2019-17 Daelim-ri, Hallim-eup, Jeju-si

08:00~17:00 (Lunch Break 12:00~13:00)
Close on Luna New Year and Korean Thanksgiving Day

We connect with trails around the world

The Jeju Olle Foundation launched a global marketing project to promote the Jeju Olle Trail, twinning a course to a trail abroad. You can find Jeju Olle outside Korea at 11 different Friendship Trails in Greece, Italy, Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Japan, Turkey, Taiwan(province of China), Australia, and Lebanon.

15 B Jeju Olle Friendship Trail

Taiwan Raknus Selu Trail

  • Location : Northwestern Taiwan ~
  • Difficulty : Medium
  • Distance : 270km, 30 days

Raknus Selu Trail presents the complex history of the mountain areas along the trail. It is the trail that serves as the future road which may lead the multi ethnic groups to reconciliation. The trail used to be full of Campo trails barely presents trees as a result of industrialization of Taiwan. Part of trail gradually replaced by the Provincial Highway No. 3 fortunately remains the historical sites, cultural landscapes. The trail leads us to rethink the relationship between man and nature.

Public Transportation Information

The public transportation system of Jeju Island has been entirely changed recently and still it's changing. Please double check the up-to-date information of the bus number and route before you take it.

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Foreign Language Interpretation Services by Tourism Organizations

[Visit Jeju] Jeju Travel Hot Line(Multi language interpretation service)
- +82 -(0)64-740-6000 / Chat service via mobile app also Available
- Operation Hour : Daily 09:00 ~ 18:00

[KTO] 1330 Korea Travel Hotline(Multi language interpretation service)
- Dial 1330 or though mobile app.
- Operation Hour: 24/7

How to find the Starting Point
How to find the way back from the Finishing Point
Gonae Hwanhae Jangseong(long fortress)

Hwanhae Jangseong is a fortress built around the coastline of Jeju to prevent the invasion of Sambyulcho(the special capital defense unit) in the Koryo dynasty. The first point starts at the spring water Sinimul to the west of Gonae-ri pogu(port). The second point is the protruded part of the ocean on the coast between Gonae-ri and Aewol-ri. It is in the area that is perfectly safe the waves at high tide. The third point is right in between Aewol Elementary School and Gonae-ri pogu (port).