The Jeju Olle Trails is easily hiked by following the well-marked signposts. There are Ganse horses, arrows and ribbons to guide you the right way. If you don’t find a signpost or feel like you’ve come a wrong way, go back to the last marker and look carefully to find the right way. Pay attention to the signposts at a forked road. Remember to take your time and enjoy the surrounding scenery and all it has to offer.

Signpost for Jeju Olle Trail


Ganse is the name of Jeju’s pony. The word comes from Ganse-dari, meaning slow idler in Jeju. Ganse points toward the direction of the route at a forked road. At points of tourist attractions, you will notice a saddle on Ganse with description of the site.


Vibrant blue ribbons representing Jeju ocean and orange ribbons symbolizing Jeju tangerines are tied to trees and utility poles. Ribbons are hung at a height, above the eye level. You can find them easily, even from afar, or on a windy day. Look further than closer, when checking the direction and ribbons.


Blue arrow on the ground, stonewall and utility poles is the basic symbol that guides hikers along the Jeju Olle Trail. Orange arrows point in the reverse direction of the trail. This is the post you should follow, when hiking from the finishing point to the starting point.

Distance Plate

16cm in height and width, the plate is attached on utility poles or a trees in the forest. It shows the remaining distance and total distance of the route from starting point in forward direction.

Detour and Hazard Signpost

These signposts are placed at dangerous areas or temporary detours. You can check the details of the detour route, including the map, total time and distance on the signpost. Double tied orange ribbons guide you on a detour.

Sign-stone for Starting Point

Sign-stones for the starting and finishing points of each route are made of native basalt. You can find the map, major spots, and toilet locations of each route.

Wheelchair Accessible Area

An S on Ganse’s saddle indicates the starting point of wheelchair accessible area and F for the finishing point. The wheelchair sticker is put on the blue arrows which indicate forward directions(clockwise direction).

Stamp Ganse

There are Ganse-shaped stamp stations with signature stamps of each route at the starting points, mid-points, and finishing points of each route. Get all three stamps of all routes on Jeju Olle Passport to receive a finisher’s certificate and a medal.